For humans with a curiosity for story, building confidence and connections, creative public speaking, and performance.

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£50 for one

£90 for both 

concession rates available - just ask. 

Central Bristol private studio location (pictured above).

Spaces limited

Email me your interest:

See photos from previous workshops and quotes from participants below:

Workshop 1 

Exploring Story

Saturday 28th May 2022


For those who are completely new to storytelling.

Workshop 2

performance technique

Sunday 29th May 2022


For those with some experience, or anyone who's done one of my workshops before.


‘You build a relationship with the story you bring to the workshop.  Now I feel like I want to continue growing that.'

- Mathilde 


‘Corinne created a non-confronting way of starting to explore that performative, attention holding space of the storyteller.’

- Adam 


Surprisingly I didn’t feel as self-conscious as I thought I might. I was quite anxious before I came but actually that dissipated quickly because of the way the space was held. Like you say, we’re all here doing the same thing and there isn’t any kind of wrong and making mistakes is ok.’

- Aiden 


Storytelling is something I’ve had in the back of my mind but felt nervous to do, and this has been a beautifully held space to explore that. A good mix of different activities -  doing stuff on our own, in pairs and performing to the group.’

- Mary


‘This workshop has been really helpful for feeling into how the story becomes an extension of myself, instead of hiding behind it. The images are all there working at the back of your mind. This has allowed my breath and confidence to come out naturally, because putting pressure on it breaks the magic.'

- Lilith