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Bristol Storytelling Workshop weekend For adults

Explore the craft of storytelling
Bring confidence and creativity to your communication
Find joy speaking in front of an audience

2024 workshop weekends

February 3rd-4th

Fully Booked

 MAy 4th-5th
Fully booked

September 14th-15th
spaces available

What happens?

This is an independent storytelling training project that has been running weekend workshops for the past 3 years. It started out of a rising demand from friends and wider circles to find more opportunities to explore folktales and myths alongside public speaking skills. This has evolved into regular in-person workshops in a private studio space and secluded garden in central Bristol. 


Raven’s journey to black, a cart full of Death’s worn out clogs and the cat that caught the moon… Participants bring a story to work with and I share some of my creative process and research into comparative folklore and orality studies, all with a playful and practical focus exploring story through movement, improv and stand-up telling technique. In this way participants and their chosen story are guided through the initial steps of learning to tell with joy in front of an audience. 

Who's it for?

This workshop is suitable for anyone who is ready to take the plunge into storytelling for the first time or those who have some experience in performance that they would like to build on.

In the past we've had multi-disciplinary Artists, Small Business Entrepreneurs, Celebrants, Party Councillors, Doctors, Therapists, Educators, Workshop Facilitators, Academics, Geologists, Activists, Tree Surgeons, Film Makers, Forest School Leaders, Graduates looking for inspiration and deepening, Thinkers, Movers and Shakers.

How much does is cost?

£155 (concession rates available for low income / no income, just ask). Spaces Limited to 6.

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