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This piece of storytelling performance is inspired by the well known English/Scots border Ballad of Tam Lin. The show is unscripted, orally told, and accompanied by live, mostly improvised music. In this way the audience are central to the performance. We make our way into the greenwood together.

The ballad may be known as Tam Lin, but he’s only a part of it. Part sung, part told, this is a tale of poison, pluck and changing shape.

Described by audiences as ‘enthralling’ and ‘fresh and full of life’, Tam Lin Retold explores untold stories and unsung voices. Enchanting and sharp in equal measure, this is badass border balladry for the old and the new.

We are raising funds to support the design, rehearsal and marketing for this show, so if you are in a position to donate to our Crowdfunder, no matter how large or small, your contribution will be most gratefully received. 

Click here to donate to our crowdfunder for Tam Lin Retold 

2024 tour dates
Creative team  

Story & Project Lead - Corinne Harragin

Music  - Nick Hart 

Set Design & Build - Isabel Lyster 

Producer - Alice Massey

Marketing Design - Rhona Oughton

Film & Photography - Hester Heeler-Frood

Dramaturgy & Outside Eyes- Emily Lequesne & Debs Newbold 

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