All things begin and end as stories

Corinne Harragin

performance / workshops / research



Corinne is a performance storyteller, researcher, voiceover artist, workshop facilitator, and story consultant. 

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Her work invites humans to experience the space where traditional oral cultures meet and merge with the world we know, and to connect there.


She works with story in a trauma-informed way to facilitate confidence building, public speaking, and communications support within and between organisations. Her clients and partners are in the arts, education, charity, and corporate sectors. 


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'For a spellbinding hour, Corinne took us deep into the realm of story, rekindling our imaginations, stretching open our ears and touching our hearts. The tales she told were wild and tender, fierce and outlandish, and soulful without ever being sentimental. And they did what all good stories do -- return you to the world again, with all its big and strange marvels.'

- Dr. Michael Milay, Lecturer in English and Environmental Humanities at the University of Bristol.


Corinne has trained in storytelling performance with The International School of Storytelling, FEST, and Berlin University. As well as with international performance storytellers, Jo Blake and Ben Haggarty. She’s also trained in Stand-Up comedy performance with Angie Belcher and The Bristol Improv Theatre.


She has a first-class degree from Falmouth University, a teaching qualification from The University of Cambridge, and she’s currently a post-graduate researcher in comparative oralities at The University of Bristol.


Her work includes partnerships, productions, and commissioned projects with theatre companies (Red Dog, Two Hoots, Paper Jungle). As well as arts organisations including, Arts Council England, The UK Trauma Council, Pinch Me Productions, Story Jam, Creative Sustainability CIC, Unique Voice CIC, and The Crick Crack Club.


She is a visiting lecturer in oral cultures and storytelling technologies for The University of Gloucestershire, Falmouth University and The University of Bristol.


Customised workshop facilitation in storytelling, public speaking skills, and narrative structure for 

performing and writing.


 Storyteller hire for educational, corporate and other public and private events.

Site-specific, customised and touring performance projects. 


Voiceover artist for commercial, narrative and dramatised recording and performance.



'Good stories reach into rich pasts to sustain thick presents to keep the story going for those who come after.'

- Donna Haraway

'The most important part of a story is who's listening to it.'

- Kae Tempest

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