Weaving together innovative puppetry, storytelling and live music, 'Three Suns' tells three stories from three different continents. We rejoice in the cosy relationship we have with our home, whilst being transported to other cultures where we taste the flavour of new lands.

This magical show is aimed at young people aged 5 and upwards who enjoy stories.

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Here’s what people are saying about Three Suns…

“Amazing storytelling - enchanting, thought provoking, told with humour”

“Clever and positive in a world currently feeling so uncertain”

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THE WELL BETWEEN (The Ballad of Tam Lin)

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Based on the legendary Scots ballad of Tam Lin, The Well Between is a solo Storytelling performance for audiences ages 12+ and lasts for 30 minutes. 


Oh I forbid you ladies all

Who wear gold in your hair

To come or go by Carterhaugh

For young Tam Lin is there


Borders. Lines. Edges. They’re everywhere aren’t they? But what about the in-betweens? The Neither here nor theres?


Part told, part sung, this is storytelling for the old and new.  Although the ballad is known as Tam Lin, he’s only a part of it. It’s about the borderlands between here, there, us, them, and the other. It’s a tale of pluck and courage. It’s about changing shape.

Reviews of 'The Well Between'...

'A bear, a fairy, a lover and his love, a wild forest, a well. I watch Corinne shapeshift her tale into being. She is a true storyteller, with the humility to become a vessel for the tale, and the academic and intuitive craft to give it voice and body for the audience and their particular moment. Self-aware and sensitive to the barriers of hearing, seeing and feeling, Corinne tells for every individual in whole circle, and creates a collective experience. Ask her to tell you a story, and wherever it comes from in the world, or from inside her, it will be yours also.'

- Claire Carter, Artistic Director Kendal Mountain Festival


'The Reward Worth Having' is a solo storytelling piece with a minimal set and props. It's for all ages and lasts for 30 mins.


The piece is based on the book of the same title by American writer and folklorist, Jay Williams. It's about three friends who decide to help a strange stranger out of a sticky situation. The magical rewards they are given lead them along the winding path of adventure.


'When I first started storytelling, it bothered me that I kept being confronted with the same question "Oh, is that for kids then?" I've always felt that storytelling is not just for children, and there are so few things in our contemporary culture that bring the generations together. this is the piece I made in response to this desire to create a storytelling performance that is enjoyable for all ages.'


While touring this show for the first time I did a radio interview with Russell Clarke for Source FM in which I discuss the show in more detail; how I found my way to storytelling, how I try to make stories engaging for audiences of all ages, and why storytelling is important in the age we live in. Follow the link and skip to 11 mins in for the interview. 


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'Stories from the British Isles' is a storytelling project created with multi-instrumentalist musician Andreas Steuck. It’s a selection of 5 stories with musical accompaniment, lasting 75 mins, and it’s suitable for ages 7+.


These Celtic myths and folk tales from the British Isles deal with metamorphosis or shapeshifting. Kings with horses ears, maidens bewitched into hags, broken hearted giants transformed into rivers; our ancestors really knew how to tell a tale that twists inside and out again. 


Some reviews of the shows:


"Beautiful stories, this 45 year old was fascinated. The music was magical too!"


"We went to Corinne's storytelling last night.. and truly absorb-ably loved it! The stories, the music and the teller were great. The teenagers were entranced and the 7 year old said she wants to go 'a hundred times'!" - Ceilidh-Jo Rowe 

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