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Oral Storytelling

Corinne has collected an extensive repertoire of stories from a wide range of world mythologies and oral traditions. She is particularly interested in working with lesser known English folktales and exploring rituals and traditions from the British Isles. 

Corinne is passionate about human connection, mental and physical health and creating spaces where the underrepresented have a voice. She is not interested in retelling stories that reinforce unhelpful stereotypes of gender, race or power. The stories she tells are deliberately and carefully worked and researched in order to feel relevant, fresh and inclusive to contemporary audiences. 


She tells stories and runs workshops in educational, corporate and more unusual settings including;  theatres, schools, festivals, camps, yoga and wellbeing retreats, weddings, care homes, arts and community centres, theatres and private parties and events...


She is always interested in new projects, partnerships and environments to tell stories in.